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AWS NICE DCV is a remote display server allowing the users to connect to a remote server with the same experience as a local desktop environment

NICE DCV can work on Amazon AWS or directly in your own server. The main advantage to run it on AWS is the fact the license is included in every AWS EC2 instance.

The following information can be derived by the awesome AWS documentation available at

Main Features

The main features of the system are security, speed and compatibility.

  • NICE DCV is secure because instead of sending geometries across the web, it sends single pixels, and the content is encrypted by using TLS.
  • It supports both Linux and Windows as servers and also MacOS as a client.
  • Even on a 20Mbps connection it feels like your server is running locally.

Use cases

AWS NICE DCV can be used in many different cases and for a wide range of applications.

  • If you want to develop a high intensive application or stack and you need a fast server with 16 or more GB of RAM or some payload using a GPU, then NICE DCV is ideal.
  • Do you want to test your desktop or web application on a different OS? It is easy to spawn a new server and test it quickly
  • Your payload requires GPU intensive work? You can have a huge server with a lot of RAM and the latest GPUs running in a public cloud such as AWS and work remotely on it.
  • Do you use CUDA or other parallel computing platforms based on NVIDIA GPUs? Than that’s your service.
  • Remote and portable development platform is always accessible via client or web browser, it is easy to change location or if you are a digital nomad.
Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on a Windows Client
Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on a Windows Client
  • Gaming is also another good use case as you can see in the following video

Try now the Ubuntu 18.04 AMI with NVIDIA Gaming Drivers on the AWS Marketplace

Here a nice example of a Gaming experience by using AWS NICE DCV

Gaming in the Cloud – Using AWS NICE DCV to Stream PC games 1440p 60fps!

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